Critiques with Wendy McClure and Michelle Witte are no longer available.

Submit ten pages plus a synopsis for Wendy McClure or Michelle Witte to read and critique, then spend fifteen minutes with her for one-on-feedback. There are twenty critiques available to conference attendees on a first-come-first serve basis. Manuscripts will be sent to our agent and editor on April 1st.

Please email your submission as an attachment to Sarah Tregay at on or before MARCH 24, 2017. Please put "CONFERENCE CRITIQUE" in your subject line.

What Wendy McClure is looking for...

Learn more about Wendy at and more about Albert Whitman at

What Michelle Witte is looking for...

Michelle Witte is a literary agent with Mansion Street Literary Management representing children’s fiction and nonfiction, from babies on up through teens, and all ages in between. Mansion Street is a boutique literary agency based in New York that seeks exciting new authors and properties to represent, founded by Jean Sagendorph, a twenty-year veteran of the entertainment industry, whose award-winning work includes many New York Times bestsellers for prominent clients like Peanuts, Food Network, and Fancy Nancy, to name a few.

Michelle’s taste in books could be described as eclectic. Or eccentric. Pretty much anything that strikes her fancy, really. From fun and silly to dark and terrifying to emotional and sublime, it’s anyone’s guess what will next win her over, but there is a constant undercurrent of quality writing and captivating storytelling that runs through all of her authors’ works.

Learn more about Michelle at Learn more about Mansion Street at

The SCBWI Gold Form

Written critques will utilize the SCBWI Gold Form, where the agent or editor will make notes on the following: the positive aspects of this work; the elements that require attention and improvement; character development; plot/structure; language/diction; voice; marketability; and next steps.

Formatting Your Manuscript

Manuscripts will be submitted in the standard industry format. Your manuscript should have 1-inch margins on all sides, be double-spaced, and set in 12 point Arial or Times Roman, in black "ink" on 8.5 x 11 in. paper. The first page of the manuscript should be clearly marked with the participant's contact information and email, as well as genre, age category, and word count. Manuscripts should also have a header on each page (starting on page 2) in the upper left-hand corner (last name of writer/title of manuscript) and a footer noted the page number in the lower right-hand corner (starting on page 2).

Poetry submissions (rhyming picture books, novels in verse, and stand-alone poetry collections) should conform to the guidelines above; however, they may be single spaced with a double space between stanzas, per industry standards. Stand-alone collections (i.e. a group of poems intended to be published as one book) must have a page break at the end of each poem.

Please submit ONE manuscript per paid critique, not to exceed 10 pages. You may include an optional title page and/or a one-page synopsis, which will not be counted toward the 10 pages. If submitting a title page or a one-page synopsis, proper format is appreciated (double-spaced, all caps for first mention of a major character, etc.)

Please submit manuscripts (novel pages and picture book texts) as Microsoft Word files and picture book dummy and graphic novel pages as PDFs to Sarah Tregay at with CONFERENCE CRITIQUE in all caps in the subject line. Send to Sarah on or before MARCH 24, 2017! If you need extra time, please let me know.